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We asked our students to share their hopes, dreams and expectations.  Here are their words along with their creativity!



At FAE Summer Camp I want to learn more about math.  It's a good place. You can make more friends.

- Jared


At FAE Summer Camp I want to go on field trips and learn engineering. 

 I already made 5 friends!

- Karen


At FAE Summer Camp I want to learn math. 

 We make friends by making them feel great!

- Misaeal


At FAE Summer Camp I want to learn more multiplication because I need to work on it!

- Jasmin


I Am From

by Juan David, Grade 8

I am from Mt. Vernon, WA

I am from two hardworking parents

I am from playing soccer with my friends after school

I am from playing soccer mostly every day for at least 2-3 hours

I am from jogging around after soccer practice

I am from two great parents who just want the best for me

I am from feeling unwanted by the person I want the most

I am from learning new things every day from people

I am from helping my mom at home I am from caring about my mom I am from my mom

I am from my dad coming home and feeling frustrated because of the work he is doing

I am from not being able to spend a lot of time with my father

I am from only seeing my dad in the afternoons because of the hard work he puts in to provide us with a home and food

I am from friends making huge mistakes in their lives

I am from trying to cheer up people when they’re down

I am from dealing with a heart that I didn’t break

I am from caring about a lot of people

I am from people not caring back after helping me helping them out

I am from learning the consequences of my selfish decisions

I am from practicing hard to get better every day.

“I Am From” poems encourage students to consider and reflect on all the experiences that shape their lives. Rather than responding with countries of origin, students can see that everyone has so many unique experiences that can be included in answering the questions of where they are from.

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