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Our Annual

Pledge Drive


Our Pledge Promise for

the Foundation for Academic Endeavors (FAE):

To build a vibrant learning community where students and families with limited resources can realize their full potential and are supported by a community network that encourages and empowers leadership and life long learning.

Close the Achievement Gap in Skagit County

FAE is a non-profit organization serving Skagit County that improves the academic performance of low-income students through an innovative summer program. The FAE Summer Academy at Skagit Valley College provides five weeks of STEM and literacy learning for students from ages 3 to 15. Certified teachers, college teaching fellows and dedicated volunteers, work together to provide a vibrant, focused learning environment.


Your gift to the Foundation for Academic Endeavors today can help us to close that achievement gap.




Your support for the FAE will accelerate our work to close the achievement gap for low-income students.


Goals for 2020 Summer Academy:

  • Maintain or improve academic skills of 270 students.

  • Mentor 15 college teaching students to provide a positive, interactive experience in the field of teaching.

  • Offer parent education workshops throughout the year.

Your support matters!


Thank you for your support of our students and for contributing to summer learning, together we will change the trajectory of low income students and help them to realize their full potential, and dream big for their future. Para información en español, por favor, envíe un mensaje a nuestro correo electrónico

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I want to send in a pledge, what do I need to do?

Simply click on the link below and you can submit your pledge through our online pledge page.  If you don't feel comfortable pledging online, you can complete and mail in a pledge card. 

How can I obtain a pledge card?
2020 Pledge cards can be emailed to you directly, or a PDF version may be downloaded by clicking the link below. 

I've filled out my pledge card, now what do I do?
Great! You can mail it to:

Foundation for Academic Endeavors

PO Box 945

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Do I have to pay my pledge all at once?
No. Many people fulfill their pledge weekly, monthly, or quarterly. And occasionally, yearly. But pledges and gifts may be given directly and confidentially to the foundation at any time.

What if I need to change my pledge amount?
That's never a problem. Just email the foundation any time. We know that people's financial circumstances change all the time, both up and down, and all conversations will be kept confidential. 

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